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Mapping and Location Intelligence

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We help you meet your business challenges through the innovative use of maps and location intelligence. Mapping technology provides you with effective options to analyse, visualise and communicate information.

Our mapping solutions allow you to easily consume information, to gain a clearer understanding and to achieve successful decisions.

For 25 years, Insight GIS has assisted many companies, local governments and government departments, now let us help you…

News and Events

March 1, 2018

Location Intelligence Forum 2018

Are you getting the most out of Location Intelligence or GIS?  A forum for Location Intelligence and GIS is being run by Insight GIS and Pitney Bowes at the RACV Hotel in Hobart on Thursday 15th March. Go to the website
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November 13, 2017

New integration link available

You can now connect your GIS to the Open Office Property.Gov property information management system.  Our new integration software Map2Property.Gov provides the capability to run bidirectional search between your the MapInfo GIS suite and Open Office Property.Gov.
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September 19, 2017

Insight GIS wins Spatial Excellence Award

Insight GIS has won the Tasmanian APSEA ‘People and Community Award’. The award was for the Local Links application developed for Kingborough Council. The Award recognises products or projects that make a difference to issues that affect communities via ‘grassroots’ initiatives.
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March 21, 2016

New MapInfo Training Course

Insight GIS is pleased to announce a 1-day training course in the new MapInfo Pro 64bit (v12 and v15.2). This is a great opportunity to update or improve your skills with the new MapInfo Pro. To ensure that you can quickly and effectively gain the benefits of the new and enhanced versions - the course has been designed to be...
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February 19, 2016

Tasmania Tourism Mapping Project

The Tasmania Tourism Mapping project carried out by Insight GIS enables stakeholders to visualise tourism data effectively. View our project page.
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April 18, 2015

LGMA Tasmania 2015 Emerging Leader of the Year Award

Insight GIS sponsored the LGMA Tasmania 2015 Emerging Leader of the Year Award on the 16th of April. Mike Wall with the winner of the LGMA Tasmania 2015 Emerging Leader of the Year Award, Jamie Goodwin (right side)
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Latest Articles

What’s going to be big in GIS in 2024?

What’s going to be big in GIS in 2024?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have come a long way in revolutionising how we understand and interact with the world around us. From mapping and spatial analysis to data visualisation and decision-making, GIS has become an indispensable tool in various industries, including urban planning, environmental management, transportation, and even healthcare.

Top 20 Uses of GIS

Top 20 Uses of GIS

GIS can be used in many different scenarios to help us understand today’s world better and accurately depict real-time information in localised areas to quantify population of people, objects, and risks. It can also help to visualise the activities or changes in data in regional areas. 

What is GIS and what it can do for you…

Do you have data that is related to locations on the earth?

Are you connecting your data to a map? If you are not, you should. Attractive and easy to understand, map-based visualisation can make information more engaging and easier to grasp.

GIS or geographic information systems enables your data to be visualised and understood by linking it to digital maps. GIS is also called location intelligence or geospatial technology.

The need for GIS is growing. Large amounts of data are continually being captured, processed and analysed by companies. Hence mapping and geospatial analysis is increasingly being used to help companies better understand issues from supply vs demand to analysing risk to maximising services.