About Us

What We Do – Seeing is Achieving

Insight GIS is an IT company that specialises in geographic information systems (GIS) and location intelligence.Our services add value to your business and information systems by merging them with locational information. You gain the benefits of visualising your data and easily accessing your information.Providers of world-class GIS services, Insight GIS focuses on consultancy, application development, software, training and technical support to ensure your GIS solution is and remains successful.

Our Commitment to You

At Insight GIS we are focused on you, the customer. To maximise the benefits to you we must thoroughly understand your needs and fears. A healthy and effective business relationship can then be built, with a very high probability of success. After 20 years this approach has organically become our core value.

Hence we are committed to understanding your requirements, your existing systems and processes and to insure we deliver a GIS solution that meets your needs.

With this approach, you can feel assured that your project will be delivered in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

Established in 1989, Insight GIS has the experience and depth of knowledge across the multitude of industry sectors and is hence recognised as an expert provider of GIS services.

To find out how you can benefit from our expertise please contact us.

Team Profiles

At Your Service

Robert Rowell

Managing Director

Rob’s passion is showing the benefits of GIS. He has over 25 years experience in the spatial industry, with the last 20 spent owning and managing Insight GIS.

Email: rob@insightgis.com.au

Mike Wall

Consultancy & Technical Service Manager

Michael has over 12 years experience in successfully assisting clients with the implementation and development of their GIS solutions.

Email: mike@insightgis.com.au

Duri Bradshaw

GIS Consultant

Duri joined Insight GIS in 2008 and has a combined IT and GIS degree. He delivers our spatial analysis, training and technical support services.

Email: duri@insightgis.com.au

Tina Atkinson

Office Manager

Tina is the friendly voice at the end of the phone or friendly face when you walk in our door. She is responsible for managing the administration of Insight GIS.

Email: tina@insightgis.com.au

Ben Kleywegt


Ben joined Insight GIS in 2018 after spending 8 years working in the IT industry as a software developer. He has a UTAS degree in Computing.

Email: ben@insightgis.com.au