Exponare links information from a range of databases and applications and displays these datasets in one map interface (either a web browser or portal).

Inisight GIS configures Exponare to suit your specific needs, and we can ensure that users require little training or skills to utilise it. Because Exponare links seamlessly with other IT systems, it can be integrated with third party applications such as document management systems.

How Exponare help you

Exponare is commonly used by local governments and is a simple council-wide solution for linking geographic information with rates, documents and asset management systems. Insight GIS has implemented Exponare for a number of Tasmanian local governments that are now gaining the benefits of this effective solution. Exponare is also a useful option for government departments and large commercial companies.

To learn more about Exponare download the Exponare Brochure. Want more information? Read this case study to see how Exponare is currently helping local governments.

Contact us to find out if Exponare is the solution to your data visualisation and sharing problems.