The Konect Platform

Mobile GIS made easy

Wherever you are. Whatever the data.

  • Anyone – effortlessly build solutions for you field operations
  • Any data – import maps from any format and any source
  • Anywhere – work online or offline
The only flexible location-based data collection app for your industry.

Revolutionise your workforce and boost productivity with one app, one platform.

  • Revolutionise your workforce and boost productivity with one app, one platform.
  • Create your own maps, smart forms and custom workflows
  • Integrate easily with your existing systems.

Data – Import, Collect, Export

Don’t be restricted by file types: Import and export spatial datasets in CSV, GeoJSON, Esri Shapefile SHP, MapInfo TAB file, and KML file formats.

Build rich forms.

Get started immediately, with quick to build forms specific to your needs.

  • Creating custom views; custom roles, permissions and workflows that are unique to each job type.
  • Auto-populating fields improves both data integrity and productivity.

Take and annotate photos.

A photo can speak a thousand words, but you can add to the story – by adding lines, circles, squares, arrows, polygons, or even free-hand sketch on to your photos.

Beautiful basemaps.

Whether your project requires satellite imagery, detailed GIS data or crisp detailed street maps, Konect has got you covered. Include a practical and aesthetic appeal to your projects by selecting from the free maps.

Points. Lines. Polygons.

Konect allows you to collect, record and inspect any type of data, in any terrain.

  • Points – For objects and infrastructure.
  • Lines – For roads, paths and tracks.
  • Polygons – For boundaries and perimeters.
  • Each feature can be highlighted with clear and concise symbols, using varying colours, size, line type and thickness.

Auto GPS drawing.

Don’t leave it to guesswork. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, your position can be tracked accurately and automatically.

  • Let GPS do the heavy lifting, as it draws lines and records new features while you simply walk, drive, or ride.
  • Keep audit processes simple, by automatically recording the path of a journey in the background with the ‘proof of service’ trip function.

Data queries. Filters.

Huge datasets and clunky data collection processes can impact time and productivity. Optimize these tasks by sub-setting your data with queries.

  • Queries are real-time live – as data changes, maps visually change based on the query’s expression.
  • Keep things simple and relevant – by filtering objects on the map specific to the user’s role.

Audit trail.

A happy auditor is a good auditor. With active monitoring, and the ability to playback activity during an incident review, suspicion becomes the past, and accountability the present.

  • Be confident in the knowledge that all changes, including usernames, dates and times are captured.
  • Easily export the findings to enable thorough analysis and investigation.

Online. Offline. Anytime.

No signal? Don’t let that stop you collecting and modifying data.

  • Simply watch the data automatically sync once you’re back online.
  • Don’t get lost in the woods. Offline base maps are available to help you find your way.

Search. Find results.

Having the data is one thing. Finding it easily when you need it is another. Specific records from custom forms and datasets are quickly retrieved from your device with a simple search.

  • Not everybody needs to see everything. Customise your searches by flagging a field as ‘searchable’. Or not!
  • Don’t do the work when your camera can do it for you. Use it to scan barcodes and populate the search text.
  • Looking for a specific address or location? With geocoding, a quick search will locate it on your map and give you directions. Simple.