Connect your property data to their geographic locations and visualise records in you geographic information system (GIS)

Map2Property.Gov provides a two-way communication link between Open Office Property.Gov and Spectrum Spatial Analyst / MapInfo Professional / Exponare Enquiry.  The Map2Property.Gov software provides the capability to:

  • Search for Property.Gov records directly from within Spectrum Spatial Analyst / MapInfo Professional / Exponare Enquiry by clicking on map objects. The geographic locations of PropertyWise records within their GIS.
  • Search and locate land parcels or other map entities on the map directly from Property.Gov.

Property.Gov users can locate and visualise the geographic location relating to their Property.Gov records by selecting the records in Property.Gov and open the records in the GIS.

GIS users can retrieve Property.Gov records by selecting the locations of their map entities (property, assets etc) and clicking the Property.Gov Link button to view the record details in Property.Gov.


  • Extremely easy use with point-and-click functionality
  • Enhanced user experience in accessing information
  • Operational efficiencies by enabling you to find information quickly and effectively
  • Search for Property.Gov records in the GIS (i.e. Spectrum Spatial Analyst, Exponare Enquiry, Mapinfo Professional)
  • Search for GIS records in Property.Gov



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