Insight GIS offers a range of specialist services to help you maximise your GIS investment.


Benefit from customised GIS solutions that integrate seamlessly with your IT systems. Get personalised service and advice from consultants with comprehensive GIS skills and experience.

Managed Services

Insight GIS provides the opportunity for clients to leverage the power and benefits of GIS without the cost and risks of maintaining their GIS internally.

Cartography and Mapping

Get high quality maps produced in hardcopy or digital format that allow you to present spatial information for analysis in a clear and effective way, ideal for important meetings and presentations.

Spatial Anaysis and Visualisation

Get more out of your data with our wide range of quality data processing services, from geocoding and digitising to image processing and 3D visualisation.

Application Development

Gain customised GIS software solutions with effective data management that are easy to use and integrate with your existing IT systems.

GIS Software

In addition to producing our own GIS software products, we provide the full suite of MapInfo software.

Software Training

MapInfo Training at Insight GIS gives you the knowledge and skills you need to effectively use MapInfo software at work.

Technical Support

Gain assistance from qualified and experienced support staff who are competent in all aspects of MapInfo.


Contact us for information and advice about how our services can best assist you.