Insight GIS address LI companies in Rome and Ho Chi Min City

by | Dec 18, 2018

Insight GIS has recently spoken at Pitney Bowes’ Partner Conferences in Ho Chi Min City and Rome. The conferences are hosted by the Pitney Bowes executive and attended by many of their major business partners in location intelligence and GIS.

Insight GIS’ managing director, Robert Rowell, was invited to speak at the Asia – Pacific Conference (Ho Chi Min City) on the company’s development of location intelligence solutions using Pitney Bowes software (MapInfo and Spectrum Spatial Analysis). Rob also presented at the European conference (Rome) on their online mapping experience using Spectrum Spatial Analysis (SSA).


Both events provided Insight GIS with a unique opportunity to connect with other like-minded businesses and the Pitney Bowes (PB) executive team. We were able to gain firsthand knowledge into PB’s direction and roadmaps for their software and to share market insights.

It was also an excellent opportunity to tell the “Insight GIS” story and our recent focus on online mapping.

From talking with attendees and with insight into the global market, it is our view that Insight GIS is one of the leading companies in working with Pitney Bowes location intelligence software (whether that be MapInfo Pro or SSA).