GIS Planning

At Insight GIS, we work with you to bring your GIS and data strategies to life. We ensure that what is developed will deliver on your goals and organization’s processes while creating plans for using GIS to improve performance.

Plan to Deliver

  1. Identify areas for improvement in your organization.
  2. Determine user requirements, data availability, and budget.
  3. Develop appropriate solutions based on the above.
  4. Identify and develop the appropriate GIS strategy and direction.
  5. Understand needs and incorporate GIS into the broader department’s remit.
  6. Manage risks and measure outcomes.

We offer the following data enhancement services:


Match unmapped data to X and Y coordinates or street addresses to represent your data on a digital map.


Transfer paper-based maps into digital format for analysis and utilization.

Demographic Profile Layers

Layer your data onto a map with census, population, or demographic data to better understand how demographic factors affect you.

Image Processing

Enhance aerial and satellite photos through ortho-rectification, mosaicing, color balancing, compression, and classification.

3D Visualization

Add 3D functionality to give your data a real-world perspective.

We offer solutions for all types of teams:


Simplify and integrate GIS into your workflow and enhance its power by adding extra functionality.


Give everyone in your organization access to vital GIS technology with our quality applications.

Mobile Use

Capture and edit information in the field, and connect to GPS to meet user needs.

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