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2023 Case Studies

Get your free copy of our Sorell Waste Management Case Study NOW.

Sorell Council had successfully collected waste from the properties in their jurisdiction, however, felt that they needed a technical solution to reduce the high burden of the administration associated with the task. Where previously, someone in Council worked from an Excel spreadsheet to map out a route for the waste collection drivers, everything is now automated with InsightGIS. The route is automatically converted to geospatial data and the Drivers are each provided with an ipad detailing their collection points and most optimal route.

Get your free copy of our Discover Communities Case Study NOW.

Insight GIS developed the Discover Communities solution for online mapping and public engagement for local governments in Australia.  Discover Communities is not seen as a mapping tool but as a communication tool that uses maps.  It allows local governments to not only deliver information to but also engage with their residents.   This case study shows what has been achieved to date.

Get your free copy of our TrueView Case Study NOW.

With intuitive mapping capabilities and powerful location-based analytics, supporting digital engagement is now possible wherever you or your residents are. Interacting with digital imagery of maps, seeing customizable buffers around locations, or correlating data between two points is easy and requires no remote sensing. In addition, local governments can use software like TrueView to ensure that all relevant data is accurately represented, which leads to informed decisions, made by the community. This case study shows what has been achieved to date.