Vertical Mapper

Vertical Mapper

Vertical Mapper is a valuable add-on to MapInfo Professional that enables you to perform advanced 3D and grid-based analytical functions.  Working seamlessly within MapInfo Professional, Vertical Mapper displays, manages, and interprets spatial information.  Vertical Mapper has a wide range of analysis tools that allow you to reveal trends in data; for example, a center for disease control can track the migration of an influenza virus across a region.

How can Vertical Mapper help you?

Vertical Mapper has unique prediction capabilities, so you can specify a test location and the software will identify areas with statistically similar attributes.  This means complex tasks such as analysing all of the demographic and geographic variables used to locate a new retail outlet are reduced to a couple of mouse clicks.

Whether you are in telecommunications, crime prevention, retail, health care or mineral exploration,  if you want answers from location-based data, you’ll want MapInfo Vertical Mapper to find them.

To learn more about Vertical Mapper download the Vertical Mapper Brochure.

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