Local Government

Insight GIS has had a close and success working relationship with local governments for many years. We have been responsible for the implementation and support of GIS into many local governments.

With this long relationship comes the respect of knowing the business environment and level of resourcing available to councils. Also there is an understanding of the roles and functions of many involved with local government and its information systems (and GIS systems).

Our local government clients note Insight GIS for our professional, knowledgeable and supportive approach.

We often deliver customised GIS solutions to bind corporate data, asset management systems, document management systems into one, easy to use system. As a result all staff can easily access Council information.

Administrative staff to field staff to senior management can then administer all core business activities – including building approval processes, asset management, rate payments and general enquiries.

Specifically our services have included

  • Implementation of GIS solutions from field to GIS staff to corporate solutions
  • development and assistance in GIS strategic plans specific to local governments
  • consultancy during the requirements and design phase of implementation of GIS systems
  • implementation of GIS technology
  • training of staff in GIS technology and processes
  • selected consultants by a number of councils to act on their behalf in liaising with state government agencies (such DPIPWE) in data delivery and data sharing
  • customisation of GIS software to meet specific business needs
  • assisting council with their statutory requirements (eg planning schemes)
  • data processing (eg aerial photography, satellite imagery)
  • delivery and value adding of data from 3rd party or government data (eg cadastre)

Land Use Planning

Insight has provided value added services which has enabled local government to include many specific layers and business process through the GIS. This has included planning schemes, NRM activities, cemeteries and risk management.

Insight GIS has developed a online mapping tool to assist Tasmanian Councils in with the Local Provision Schedules under the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme. The tool enables the public to easily view and access zoning and land use overlays. Also included is a reporting function for providing information on priority vegetation and habitats.

Local Provisions Schedules Online Mapping Tool

Asset Management

Where local government assets have a spatial location, then GIS is an integral tool in the management of these assets. Our clients  assets cover a wide range of assets inclding water, sewer, parks, roads, street furniture etc. If you have needs in the following mission critical areas, then we are able assist with.

  • Asset Capture – designing and developing methods of field capture
  • Asset Information Management – Management and integration of your information into business processes such as networks, service delivery, risk management etc
  • Information Delivery – integration of information into current information systems (eg asset management systems) and user interfaces.
  • Return on Investment – analysis and assessment of GIS and its impact on your organisation’s profit & loss and balance sheet.


If you are in local or state government, you can quickly and easily access information about constituents or ratepayers by integrating your property database (e.g. rating system) with a mapping interface. Insight GIS software and services allow you to view information about development applications, land use to proximity to services and infrastructure. This enables you to quickly identify issues, such as who is affected by a particular development and how to best manage the situation.

Web Mapping

With residents and communities demanding increased services and information at their fingertips – Insight GIS has developed Discover Communities to assist local governments in their delivery of information and engagement with their key stakeholders.

Discover Communities Online Mapping Tool

Technical Support

Insight GIS provides on-site consultancy and off-site training as required, but otherwise the councils are in control of their system.