Insight GIS provides the following professional consulting services:

GIS Strategic Plans

Insight GIS develop the appropriate strategy and direction to identify and develop the GIS. Firstly we insure that you are being listened to and secondly that the GIS is part of broader business environment. This enables to assist in determining the resources required, the risk that need to be managed and the outcomes you will need to measure.20120111201304159

System Reviews

We assess the fitness-for-purpose of your current GIS to see how well it integrates with your other software and business systems. You are then offered advice about changes and enhancements to improve your GIS in the future.

GIS Plans

We work with you to identify your goals and business processes and create plans for using GIS to improve performance in your organisation

GIS Development and Implementation

After identifying areas for improvement in your agency or business, we develop appropriate solutions based on your user requirements, data availability and budget.

Data Auditing

The strength of your GIS depends upon the data behind it. We undertake an audit of your data to evaluate its condition and identify and acquire additional data where required.

Data Management

We collate and improve your data sets in order to produce digital maps and integrate the data with your current systems. We also interpret and present your data to make it more useful for business decision making.

Exponare Implementation

Our Exponare Implementation service takes the time and effort out of implementing Exponare yourself. We configure Exponare to your other systems and customise it to ensure a consistent corporate look and feel.

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