Managed Services

Insight GIS provides the opportunity for clients to leverage the power and benefits of GIS without the cost and risks of maintaining their GIS internally. Insight GIS can assist in a number of ways, for instance, providing a skilled professional GIS technician, host GIS software solutions, easily accessible technical support and advice.


The advantages of utilising Insight GIS services are:

  • Its more cost effective – you can utilise the skills only when you require them.
  • Flexibility – Insight GIS has a range of skills and hence you have at your disposal a range of skills in GIS and location intelligence.
  • Additional Resources – Insight GIS has a range of software tools which can be used to assist you, especially in the areas of data processing and spatial analysis
  • Knowledge – Insight GIS has knowledge and familiarity with the range of GIS issues such data sources, integration techniques, field capture options etc