Digital Data

What is Digital Data ?

Digital Data helps you see where and know more in a wide range of circumstances.  For example, address data enables you to visualise your information on a map, while demographic data allows you to interpret your existing data more effectively.

Getting the best Digital Data

With Insight GIS you can access a broad range of digital data sets and maximise their value through our professional services.  We evaluate your data requirements and provide expert advice to ensure you get the appropriate data for your needs.  We can also implement digital data into your GIS, produce maps that display digital data, or help integrate and manage your digital data more effectively.

Insight GIS supply digital data from trustworthy sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), MapInfo Australia and the Land Information System Tasmania (LIST).

MapInfo Data

MapInfo Australia provides a comprehensive array of easy-to-use data sets.  You can get national data sets that have a consistent look and feel across all states, and include such valuable information as addresses, navigation, points-of interest and shortest routes.  MapInfo Australia also has an extensive range of international data sets that we can access for you.

ABS Data

ABS census data is a highly valuable resource and with the help of Insight GIS you can get the data you need for planning and analysis.


LIST data is the most accurate and appropriate land data for use by Tasmanians businesses and government.  You can get LIST digital data sets quickly and easily through Insight GIS.

Using Digital Data

Local governments can get updated LIST data from Insight GIS and use it to enhance their GIS with the latest property information.  This enables you to keep your GIS data up to date at all times.  Commercial sector companies can get MapInfo data (post code lists) and ABS data (demographic information) from Insight GIS to help identify which customers to target for the launch of a new product or service.