Local Government Enterprise Program

The Local Government Enterprise Program (LGEP) provides Local Governments and State Government Departments with affordable and flexible access to a range of MapInfo software and services.

As a member of the Local Government Enterprise Program you get unlimited MapInfo software licenses for an annual fee, rather than purchasing individual licenses. Local Government Enterprise Program gives you access to vital MapInfo software products such as MapInfo Professional, Vertical Mapper and Exponare.

With increased pressure on Tasmanian state and local governments to effectively meet the needs of communities while operating within budgetary constraints, more and more are becoming members of the Local Government Enterprise Program. 20 of the 29 Tasmanian councils and a number of government departments are already recognising the benefits of LGEP.

Benefits of the Local Government Enterprise Program

  • Unlimited right-of-use license
  • Access to the latest GIS technology
  • An affordable annual pricing model
  • Systems integration
  • Improved decision making
  • Easy information sharing
  • Selected MapInfo technologies across all platforms
  • License upgrades
  • Free technical support for MapInfo Professional software

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Contact us for more information or if you would like to become a member of the Local Government Enterprise Program.