Map2PropertyWise enables you to seamlessly connect PropertyWise to the MapInfo GIS Suite.

Map2PropertyWise is a middleware product that links the GIS to the PropertyWise property information management system.  With Map2PropertyWise, you can easily search between the two systems.  Map2PropertyWise provides the capability to:

  • Search for PropertyWise records directly from within Spectrum Spatial Analyst / Exponare Enquiry / Mapinfo Professional by clicking on map objects.
  • Search and locate land parcels on the map directly from within PropertyWise.

A toolbar in the GIS allows map objects to be queried for their corresponding PropertyWise records, and the results displayed within the PropertyWise dialog.

The reverse is also possible. A record can be selected in PropertyWise, and the link will select and display the corresponding map objects within Spectrum Spatial Analyst / Exponare Enquiry / Mapinfo Professional.


  • Extremely easy to use with point-and-click functionality
  • Achieve operational efficiencies by enabling you to access information quickly and effectively
  • Link your property information management system to your GIS
  • Search for PropertyWise records in the GIS (i.e. Spectrum Spatial Analyst, Exponare Enquiry, Mapinfo Professional)
  • Search for GIS records in PropertyWise


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